1 Watchout Pats Fans!!! The GMen are ready!!! – WickedBerkshire.com

The NY Giants have some Patriots fans shaking in their booties… The Giants have looked weak at times this year, but every Pats fan still remembers the 2 crushing super bowl losses at the hands of the Giants in 2008 and 2012. The Patriots have been the most amazing football dynasty of the last 20 years if not of all time, but a third loss to the Giatns in a super bowl would have some questioning their all time supremacy. Alot has to go right for the Giants to make it to Houston this year for the Super Bowl, but they sure are starting off on the right foot.

So OBJ, Sterling Shepard, Victor Cruz, and Roger Lewis flew to Miami last night, went clubbing, and are on a boat. Living life.

 The Giants superstars are partying in Miami with Justin Beiber. I know some of you reading this might want to puke hearing that, but Beiber is cold blooded and this is the type of influence the GMen need to get them to the next level. Some people might want to see the GMEn at home with family quietly getting ready for the playoffs. Not me I want them rocking with Beiber getting fired up and getting ready to murder anything in their path on the way to Houston! Let’s go Big Blue!
Be scared Pats fans, be scared!

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