1 10 Foot Snakes in Maine??? That’s it i’m never going to Maine – WickedBerkshire.com

“Westbrook, ME police reported that a citizen found an unusually large snakeskin while hiking in the Miane woods recently. 


Police said they received the report around 3 p.m. and later responded to take photographs and collect the skin for examination to determine the type of snake and what risks it poses, if any, to the public’s safety.

Police said, until the type of snake is determined, they caution people who recreate along the river to remain alert, maintain a safe distance from wildlife and report any sightings of the snake.”

This is absolutely crazy and just another reason not to leave the Berkshires. You might be hiking in Maine, having a great day, and then all of a sudden a 10 foot or bigger snake comes out of nowhere and BAM your toast. I’ll stay to the Berkshires, thank you very much.  The only thing you have to worry about here is bears, coyotes, timber rattlesnakes, black widow spiders and gangbangers…
Stay safe and stay alert!


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