This is not the definitive Tanglewood spot list because I haven’t stretched yet and I’m just getting back into the writing but it’s already been a busy season at Tanglewood…Warren Haynes, Bob Dylan, Dolly and other old people who we kind of know their tunes..so I wanted to throw something together so people were hitting some of my faves…

We got JT coming in hot to finish out the perfect 3 day weekend with the 4th being on a Monday. Here’s a few top spots to hit while your strolling barefoot with a plastic cup filled with your favorite summer mixer

#1 Spot for all the shenanigans…way in the back there lies the grape vine walk of fame…Nothing better than coming through the high shrubbery and being led to the back of the grounds by the light of the party tent to the right (great spot for beer pong) or if you go through this tunnel and hang a left it loops around by the big barn that holds the extra instruments during the high season…but being cocooned in green shrubbery and twisting vines has to be at the top of any list it’s listed on

#2 When in Tanglewood and you want to get your Inca on…just hit up the sundial…nothing slows time down like hearing tunes in the background while you try for 22 seconds to understand the dial and think of a time when the sun was more than God and battling Lions was not frowned upon by Facebook

#3 If you’ve graduated here you’ve taken a photo by this tree…if you’ve just visited and tried to meet up with friends you’ve said I’m to the left, right, front, or back of this tree in trying to find where they posted up…ground zero for imagination, direction and shade

#4 The view of Stockbridge bowl from the far field is the definition of SERENITY NOW… there’s space away from the crowd, the music is still loud and there is sooooo much room for activities

But remember no matter the traffic, the crowds, the bathrooms lines, the walking from the lot…A visit to Tanglewood needs to be a perfect night in the Berkshires…bring drinks, food and friends…blankets and chairs help too…maybe a balloon so your friends can find you…corkscrew for sure even if it’s just to help your neighbor… Soon enough the likes of Def Leopard, Tom Petty and the real Government Mule will be the kids holding up the history and talent that the BSO shares with us every summer… Enjoy these next few nights if you are at Tanglewood and if you’re not, you can cheers to a fond memory and happy place

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