This season of The Bachelorette is notable for the overall charm and impeccable romantic timing of the Bachelors in pursuit of JoJo…perhaps the greatest cohort of availables on any season of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, or any of the summer offerings. Essentially, JoJo is so attractive that the guys are reaching deep into their vast bags of tricks and the results are entertaining for sure. Our favorite dating tips from the guys are presented in no particular order (you might learn a thing or two).

Will H’s advocates kid tricks while Vinny capitalizes on the urges of generations prior:

Let’s first get into Vinny at the beginning of this video as he makes one of the more savvy moves a guy could make as he competes for the favor of a young handmaiden: breaking out the mantis pads and boxing gloves. The gentleman fighter was a sex symbol as recently as the late 1800’s, and we just don’t see enough women swooning for the pugilist as they should. Respect to Vinny for bringing the mantis pads to LA.


What is more entertaining effective than a guy that employs throwback moves when trying to get a lady’s attention? If you answered “nothing,” you guessed correctly. Folding up a fortune teller out of a simple piece of paper should lead to sex immediately, but even though Will H’s kiss was said to be “awkward,” we all know that there is some measure of steamy lovemaking in his future. It’s guys like this that make me keep the wedding ring securely on my finger because we never know when they might decide to scribble a note that says, “do you like me?” “circle one.” with the choices being “yes” and “of course.” There would be no escaping such a scenario.

The “JoJo song” ensamble can perform:

Play a song for a girl on the guitar like “Wonderful Tonight,” and she’s yours forever, but improvising a campfire song on a big sofa with 10 other males, and you will eventually need a Cialis and a super dose of vitamin D to keep things working correctly after all the sex that is in your future. “JJJ JoJo…JJJ JoJo…JJJ JoJo JoJo Yeah!”

Chad recommends that you eat a sensible dinner before pursuing Mrs. Right:

You had to agree with Chad when he confided during his vignette that it was too early to tell JoJo why he loved her because he just met her. This has been the realist’s stance on The Bachelor franchise since it started, and good for Chad for pointing that out. Chad’s approach may represent the road less traveled, so the jury is still out on whether alienating oneself from the entire house and from JoJo is an effective strategy to win JoJo’s hand, but the alpha male inspired approach is certainly entertaining. Now, we shouldn’t overlook the fact that Chad might be the type of guy that would eat human flesh even if it wasn’t the last option for survival assault a woman- at the least he is a misogynist- but the producers couldn’t have known that heading in to filming and almost certainly wouldn’t put a Bachelorette in a situation where her dignity was compromised on national television. That’s not possible

What do you do if you are Aaron Rogers?

Aaron Rogers’s brother, Jordan, is on the show and he is literally the worst contestant. He takes part in the JoJo song, his Sports Nation performance is right up there with Olivia in the cake, and he is a part of the overly-dramatic group of guys that cares to much about Chad. See picture:





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