Your Guide to the NFL Concussion Research Scandal


What Happened?: The NFL pressured the National Institute of Health to pull $16 million pledged dollars from a prominent Boston University researcher named Robert Stern because Stern is known to be critical of the league. The league wished to redirect the money to research that was less susceptible to peer review after the NIH voted to uphold the award.

Why Did the Research Matter?: The research was an attempt to locate CTE in living patients.


Why You Should Be Pissed:

  1. When the NFL pulled their award, your tax dollars were used in place of the award.
  2. Deflategate and the backwards way the NFL defines “integrity”


Finding Humor: Steven A. Smith’s reaction to this story: “NFL owners stand to make $226 million…that’s just profits.” “The NFL has to be asking themselves ‘who aww we.'” The concussive manner in which Steven A enunciates is funny in itself, but he answers his own question when he mentions $226 million in profits. If I asked you how close you are to getting rid of cable or dish in place of an online platform for television, you’d likely say something that included the phrase, “but I have to watch the Pats / Giants.” I would go as far as to suggest, however, that if you look at this scandal and you take some time to think about what it means then you might at least have considered cutting the cable and that is saying something.

$226 million in profits per owner: And just so someone is saying it, concussions do so much more damage than any of us can even begin to fathom, and this latest scandal has to prove that notion at least to some extent. Scandals like this should come as little surprise.

A Kick in the Balls…


…in any other realm besides organized sports is assault. In sports, the nut shot is a source of great debate and a source of the first two segments on this morning’s talk radio. The debate, for the record, is over at the time of this writing, yet the conversation (between former athletes that yell at each other on Sportscenter) continues as to whether we could prove intent. Let me join the stupidity: I’d argue that there was little tourque in the ankle…he kept his foot straight through the execution of the kicj thus proving limited intent, so fine him, but don’t suspend him. Not surprisingly, that’s what the league decided to do…fixed…no torque in the ankle. Also, if you look at how far Adams’s shorts are up Green’s leg, we can correctly surmise that Steven Adams has an enormous penis mate.

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