Thanks for clicking. Today we have a lot of talent on the field. I stumbled onto an Ed Sheerin cover of “Thinking Out Loud” that changed my day. Led to an appreciation of time, space, light, beauty and talent. Sat down to blog that and found the perfect Ed Sheerin clip to contrast it with. No offense but the boys might win this blog…it won’t always be the case

Which one do you prefer? It’s definitely worth 30 seconds each

Her voice is better than her complexion. Her name is Luciana Zogbi.

Or the real deal

If I were judging, but I’m not because I am just an old caring man on the internet

Luciana Zombi- 8.6 out of 9 BerkSTARS

Ed Sheerin 11.75 out of 13 BerkSTARS

I don’t know what it is about covering Ed Sheerin tunes but they go down smooth. Smooth as a Not Your Father’s Root Beer after mowing the lawn. Zogbi’s videos have been watched over 200,000,000 times…each one 30 MILL… can’t she run against TRUMP? The age limit and natural US citizenship don’t apply to someone like Luciana… Don’t cage nature’s beauty.


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