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So the Eagle published a wire story (go figure) about how the hoverboard has lead to all of these fires, and a block ad for  discounted hoverboard was included in the post because the post mentioned the word “hoverboard” thus triggering the key word driven advertisement to appear. I get it; it’s not as much of a fun coincidence as it may seem because the ad is activated by key words, and whatever program that powers the ad is not intelligent enough to understand the context of the article, and, maybe, advertise a fire extinguisher instead.


Of course we know that the hoverboard is only as dangerous as the inexperienced person riding it, so any article that tells us that hoverboards- not the operators- are responsible for fires is as shortsighted as the authors of the op-eds the Eagle runs by retired teachers that condemn the cell phone and ask why schools don’t take cell phones or just disallow them. Let’s condemn millennials some more why don’t we? As if a teacher of all people can expect students to stop using something that is literally a part of every facet of daily life just because they say not to. Generations of people made sport of not listening to their teachers, and if teachers take phones then how will today’s students photograph their teachers for delayed mocking?

Of course these same people that are outraged about things like the hoverboard forget how safe bicycles were when they were introduced:


You probably have a family member that is shocked by how sexualized everything is in this generation, but they fondly remember playing with one of these:


These toys basically weaponized the genitalia while posing the threat of burning the genitalia.
The point is that all of the people that shake their head and cringe when they read the hoverboard article have forgotten that they were kids and that technology, as evidenced by the hoverboard ad, can neither be stopped nor contained. Those same people probably miss the unintended irony of the ad placement as well.

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