The toughest ticket to get in all of sports is a Sunday ticket to the Masters. It’s all random, they don’t want or need more money everything is based on an effort of Southern hospitality that is not seen in a top 10 US athletic event. Every year the folks at Augusta hold a ticket lottery to make entrance to the event as fair as they can. The due date this year is approaching fast and I wanted to take a second and remind everyone who might have been glued to the TV in April and saw the ticket info flash on the screen that the time has come to throw your hat in the ring. Think of it like this, if you win you get the hardest ticket to get in Sports, more than the Super Bowl, game 7 of the World series, you name it…demand and limited supply equals the toughest ticket in sports and it only costs $65 bucks. If you don’t really want to take a trip to Georgie next spring I don’t understand you but I get it…sell me the ticket but get in now to win it….live the excitement … feel the rush and dream of budding Azaleas and Dogwood flowers…

Here is the link…takes 5 minutes

Augusta the smell of it, the history (good and bad) and concessions that are at the same price as they were 30 years ago…nothing like some spring golf and a $1.50 egg salad sandwich is there?

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