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Berkshire South 4th Annual Walk / Run & Breakfast (Housy Dome 1064 Main Street Housatonic 8AM)


“Start/Finish Line: Housatonic Housy Dome, 1064 Main Street, Housatonic, MA 01236 Check-in: 8 a.m. Race Start: 9 a.m. Rain or shine! Help raise money for Berkshire South’s TONE (Teen Outreach Nutrition Exercise) program as well as other exciting youth health & wellness programs. Registration is $25 per participant up until 5 p.m. on April 1, 2016, $30 per participant thereafter; Same day registration is accepted at the Housy Dome beginning at 8:00 a.m. A registration form will be required for each entry. Those age 7 and under are free alongside registered parent/guardian. The first 135 paid registered participants will receive an exclusive race t-shirt. Sizes cannot be guaranteed. All fitness levels welcome! Exclusive race t-shirts given to the first 135 paid registrants. All participants receive one free day pass for use on race day. You will have full access to the Center including the locker rooms and sauna. Guest passes are available for family, friends and supporters. All race participants are invited back to Berkshire South Regional Community Center for a Breakfast and award ceremony immediately following the race. Complimentary for all participants, guest tickets are $2/child and $4/adult. Breakfast served 10 a.m. until 12 p.m. Bring your friends and your family and get ready for some fun! Please note that as much as we love our pets, this event is a pet-free one. For the safety of the participants and your pet, please leave your dogs at home. https://berkshiresouth.org/5k/5k-run-walk-registration/ $25 registration fee if registered by 5 p.m. April 1st; $30 registration fee per participant thereafter. Yes, we are accepting same day registration. (Free for ages 7 and under with registered parent/guardian)”

If there is one place on God’s green Berkshires that I would love to see, it is Housatonic. You may be wondering why I have never been there. Well I am too. It is the closest destination to my house that I have never visited, but I can only imagine the majesty and mystery that lies within its city limits. I picture being fed exotic teas by a six armed harpy at one of Housatonic’s friendly taverns. Space Ghost and the folk legend from early 90’s Berkshire travel basketball lore, Rico Del Molino, greet me with a smile and invite me to uproot trees with them. And this “Housy Dome?” I must see it.

April 1- May 8: The Other Rockwell: Douglass Crockwell (The Hyde Collection / 161 Warren Street Glen’s Falls New York)


“The Hyde Collection is asking the community to assist with an upcoming exhibition. The Museum is looking for paintings by Glens Falls artist Douglass Crockwell (1904-1968) to display in an exhibition titled, The Other Rockwell: Douglass Crockwell. The exhibition will be located in the Rotunda Gallery and coincide with our Hoopes Gallery exhibition Norman Rockwell in the 1960s. We will be accepting paintings for consideration at the Museum from Tuesday through Friday, January 26 – 29 and February 2-5 from 10am to 4pm. Paintings will also be accepted on Saturday, January 30 from noon to 4pm.”

Um, nice try. There’s only one Rockwell and he can be seen rolling 5 deep with his scout buddies above. Is being the “other Rockwell” akin to being the frumpy Michael Jordan from the ESPN commercial? Shittin’ me? I’m not buying it and I am not going.

Plus, there is room on this planet but for ONE “other” Rockwell.

Turn It Loose (Pioneer Tavern / 32 Federal St. / Miller Falls MA) 9PM – 1AM


The best entries on the website from which I steal these calendar items are the entries that include no text to explain the event. Turn it Loose? Obviously, this is the name of a band of guys that had a hard time thinking of a band name, but this was an eye catching headline on justberkshires.com especially because it was coupled with no text, and it made my imagination run wild. I saw it and I suddenly felt compelled to turn it loose around the house, or at the pub. Who’s up for turning it loose right in the heart of Miller Falls?

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Listen to Some Tunes



So Jim Jones, who, much to my chagrin, folded the Jim Jones Revue, is back as of last year. I guess I just didn’t know where to look (“Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind”) for my favorite new rock artist in the last 20 years. Anyway, early impressions are positive, and it sounds as if Jones is recording songs that are further away from the “early rock meets car accident” sound that typified early “Revue” albums, and he is on to something that is more genre crossing like the final, and best, “Revue” album. The provided track sounds like post grunge music with brooding vocals and piano accompanied by, oddly and effectively, one of those honky-tonk sounding slide guitars. Enjoy…

Heart: Bad Animals (1987):


These 70’s era hard-rockers are as ground breaking and trend-setting as any female lead band to come before or after them. I heard the Go-Go’s are heading out on tour for the final time, and it got me thinking about how Heart (the first cool alternative Seattle band BTW), does not always get the credit they deserve. In 1985 they changed their sound- the 80’s dictated that they had to in order to stay relevant- to something resembling arena rock in an effort that yielded mixed results. Eventually, Heart made an adult-contemporary comeback with “All I Wanna Do is Make Love to You,” but before that, they went the way of White Lion so to speak. The ’85 album, whose name escapes me, was pretty good, and I like Bad Animals, but mostly for the first two songs.

Watch Some TV

Saturday: Final Four

Why would anyone bet Villanova as a favorite in April as they prepare play the team that beat them by 90 in December? Because momentum like the type that Villanova has cannot be stopped. Carolina over Villanova in the final on Monday. I won 3/4 bets last week too.

Have a Cold One


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