If You Must Go Out

Friday: Trivia Night to Benefit the Elizabeth Freeman Center at Hotel on North (7PM)


Reservations need to be made ahead of this event, so my advertising this event may be too little too late. Anything that benefits the Freeman Center is worth your time and money, and a trivia night at any venue is good fun. This is the first event that I’ve featured that I will also be attending since October, so second through 10th place are up for grabs if you attend.

Friday- Sunday: Disney’s Pinocchio at the Berkshire Museum (11AM and 2PM)

The Little Cinema is such a nice place to see a movie, and the traditional, hand drawn Pinocchio is such a fun movie that should certainly still entertain young audiences. My mother insisted that my nose would grow should I ever tell a lie, but I certainly called her bluff several times over. Show me hard evidence before you accuse me of a lie 1980’s mom, and if I am lying, then let my nose grow, but until then, check yoself.

Just Stay In

Have a Beer

Founders Rubaeus


Rubaeus is an interesting fruit beer as it doesn’t really fall into one of the two “fruit beer categories.” Some fruit beers are brewed with fruit, so the fruit flavors are subtle and do not overpower the hops. The other fruit beers are of the “fruit added” variety and are more appealing to those that want fruit flavor more than craft beer flavor, but not the overly sweet Mike’s Lemonade flavor. Harpoon “Big Squeeze” is one of my favorite fruit added beers. Rubaeus has the “brewed with” flavor, but it tastes as if it is sweetened making it one of the first beers that I am aware of that fits both categories of fruity beers. I like this beer, but it tastes like something brewed strictly for summer, and you can pound 70 of them before you realize you opened one of them, so tread lightly.

Listen to Some Tunes

Prince: Sign O’ The Times


Lyrically speaking, this is one of Prince’s better records. I personally like it because it leans more toward funk / R&B Prince, which I prefer to pop musician Prince. The title track is fantastic, the pop hit “You Got the Look” is instantly recognizable to those of us that listened to Rock 105 in the late 80’s, but it is “I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man” that is the real treasure on this album. Prince was a musical virtuoso (and one weird little dude), and he wrote everything on this album and recorded all of the music for this album himself, so we may forget just how great he really was on guitar. “I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man” is a good an example as any of his amazing guitar work.

Elvis Presley: Elvis in Person at the International Hotel Las Vegas, Nevada

This is “comeback era” Elvis- he states that it is his first live concert in nine years- following his movie career. Elvis had just experienced the birth of his only child, and was happily married, so this obviously comes before Elvis became a drugged-out disaster and a Vegas act even though this album is recorded in Vegas. The hits are all here, and so is the live Elvis energy, making this album a surprisingly good option especially if you find a vinyl copy for a buck like I did.


“Fool’s Gold Loaf” (Elvis’s favorite)

2 TBLS margarine

1 loaf French white bread

1 jar creamy peanut butter

1 jar blueberry jam

1 lb bacon

Bake at 350

Watch Something on TV

Sunday Night: Game of Thrones Season 6 Premiere- ” The Red Woman”


The clue that I am getting from this episode title is that Melisandre is going to use some red magic to revive either John Snow or Stannis. If she revives Stannis then Bran would likely reanimate John Snow and make a super soldier that will lay waste to anyone that has crossed him with the wildlings by his side. BTW, the Syark kids are going to reunite for a nerdgasm of revenge and carnage…

Friday Night: Hawks at Celtics Game 3 (Hawks Lead 2-0)


Last week, I predicted the C’s would win this series and challenge the Cavs. That is not going to happen, but there is no reason that the C’s can’t take at least a game at the TD Garden and go into the most interesting off season for the team in 30 years with a playoff win (or two) under their belts.


Have a Great Weekend

Walk into the waiting arms of the Hound with Sersei. She is going to lay fucking waste to all of King’s Landing and be more fucked up than ever. I, for one, cannot wait.


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