Do you like to swear? Do you like (need) to release stress? Do you like beer? What if you could do all that and practice yoga? You would be the perfect person for Rage Yoga (and I’d be fighting to get in ahead of you). Why the hell don’t we have this around here? Loud music, BYOB, and swearing all while in downward dog? Sign me up so I can zen the fuck out. So far, Canadians are the only people smart enough to realize just how brilliant this is and just how many (amazing) people would practice. Sure, traditional yoga is peaceful and soothing and I leave feeling stretched and strong, but rage yoga is definitely what someone like me has been missing. It’s the perfect combination of being strong (because, let’s face it, when you’re strong you walk taller and bitch walk is easier to activate on command), socializing with friends in a way that doesn’t involve your kids (because I see parents needing this more than anybody), and health (because drinking and health usually go hand in hand?). If you need further convincing that you need Rage Yoga (or if you’re just the person to get it going in The Berkshires), check out this studio in Canada. If nothing else, the silhouette should sell you.

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