Duck! The previews are coming, the previews are coming! In this corner weighing 165lbs the heir of Slytherin, the sword swinging swashbuckler of Gryffindor the destroyer of the the Elder Wand the Prequel to the boy who lived…We present the preview for, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them…the unaffiliated but affiliated wizarding story that predates all the Hogwarts Hoopla… with notes of the Harry theme and the possibility for wizarding to becoming to the USA! USA! any muggle born will be excited for this story


Who knows whats left after our boy Danny took us on the murder mystery of a lifetime in the Florida keys last winter? The HBO show Bloodline dropped their season 2 trailer and it seems to pick up where it left off…the family will be living the same life they have for years once again picking up the mess their brother Danny left… Coach Taylor picks up right where he left off towing the line between righteousness and darkness… The smoke sister is back as well as my favorite real world character of all time Jacinda…

The best part is you don’t have to choose… Bloodline is out in May and the wizarding world doesn’t open it’s doors until November… if you haven’t seen the original Bloodline from last year make sure you watch it…message me in the comments if you need a HBO Go password…

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