Foes Cheer Kinder Morgan Decision to Suspend Pipeline Plans

In a decision cheered by local opponents, Kinder Morgan suspended plans for a 419-mile natural gas pipeline connecting Pennsylvania’s fracking fields to Boston by winding through local counties.

Kinder Morgan’s Northeast Energy Direct Pipeline had planned to traverse Schoharie County and Albany County before passing through southern Rensselaer County en route to Massachusetts.

The Texas-based firm — using the word “suspended” to define its move — said New England customers couldn’t commit to buying the gas. A news release said innovations in production resulted in a low-price environment that, “while good for consumers, has made it difficult for producers to make new long-term commitments.”

The $3.3 billion pipeline was meant to ease New England’s high natural gas and electricity costs, said the company, which had also touted job-creation potential.


Adios, adieu, eat shit, sayonara, aloha, ciao, peace out Kinder Morgan Pipeline…Kinder Morgan touted the pipeline as helping to lower electricity rates in the state while simultaneously creating jobs. The reality was that the pipeline and its construction would have been harmful to the environment and it would have created an eyesore in places like Cummington- a place where people moved to avoid such things. The true reason to build the pipeline was to transport natural gas 419 miles from PA fracking fields to Boston Harbor to allow Kinder Morgan to sell gas to Canada. BTW we were set up to pay for the pipeline through our electric bills, and our own Gov. Baker, who supported this idea, seemed to think that the increase in electrical rates to pay for the pipeline would be easily offset by the consumer savings that would result from power companies like Eversource having easier access to natural gas, but the same could easily be said for an investment in clean energy initiatives.


Massachusetts could take the lead on clean energy initiatives, and a move to do so would create jobs and decrease utility bills for consumers while reducing harm to the environment. The problem would be convincing those that opposed the pipeline on the grounds that it would be an eye sore as these same people are the ones most likely to vote down wind power initiatives because of the perceived ugliness that windmills create along mountainsides. Either way, this is a victory for grassroots democracy and one of the reasons that I love the Berkshires and Massachusetts.


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