I just drove past the Lee turnpike exit and it is jammed with cars. People are home for the long holiday weekend, and the bars in town will be jammed accordingly. January, February, and most of March are a dead period in Berkshire County activity, but Easter weekend is opening day to what is always a great spring, summer, and fall in the Berkshires.

If You Must Go Out

Saturday: Candy Free Easter Egg Hunt (Blue Rider Stable, 15 Farm Lane N. Egremont)

Well isn’t this nice. Easter egg hunts are great fun for kids, but if we aren’t putting candy in the eggs then what’s the incentive? And why no candy in the egg? If the kids are religious then they have gone weeks without any candy and deserve at least a little…no? Are we too progressive a community to take all of the fun out of Easter egg hunts by removing the candy? It is hard to determine what type of lesson we are attempting to teach by making this change. Are the eggs still plastic, or do we object to plastic on the grounds that it is not good for the environment? And what substitute are we putting in the egg if we aren’t using candy? Money? Nope…capitalism is bad. Prizes? Probably, but the prizes are probably fucking salt licks, kale, mouth harps, and patchouli oil, or pot brownies (nope, those are candy) seeds to grow your own stash. Just put bird shit in the eggs. Perfect.

Saturday: Kansas Colonial Theater 7:30


“The first annual UCP of Berkshire County Life without Limits Benefit Concert welcomes the band KANSAS. Spending more than four decades as a part of the soundtrack of the lives of multiple generations of music lovers, KANSAS has produced eight gold albums, three sextuple-platinum albums, one platinum live album and two one million-selling gold singles, ‘Carry On Wayward Son’ and ‘Dust in the Wind.’ Along with their million-selling gold singles, KANSAS’ library includes ‘Point of Know Return,’ ‘Fight Fire with Fire,’ ‘Play the Game Tonight,’ ‘Hold On,’ and ‘What’s on My Mind.’ Join band members Phil Ehart on the drums, Richard Williams on the guitar, Ronnie Platt on lead vocals and keyboards, Billy Greer on the bass/vocals, David Ragsdale on the violin/guitar, and David Manion on keyboards and organ for a live concert in support of UCP of Berkshire County.”

“Proceeds from the Life without Limits Benefit Concert support UCP of Berkshire County’s 25 programs and services for over 2,400 individuals with all types of physical and developmental disabilities in Berkshire County. UCP strives to help all individuals lead a ‘life without limits.'”

Awesome. Ticket prices are steep, but the extra dough goes to a good cause. Judging by the age of the guys in the picture, the band is basically the original lineup, and any band that features a guy with an eye patch is bound to break into some Sabbath covers at any time. This is the type of entertainment that the Colonial and Tanglewood should be trying to book. Enjoy the show if you go, and support a local eatery before the show by purchasing an entire meal of food.

Just Stay In

Listen To Some Tunes

Charles Bradley: Victim of Love


This is love makin’ music plain and simple. Charles Bradley rare in the sense that started making music so late in his life. As a result, his music sounds like some of the vintage 70’s soul music that he might have made if he began his career much sooner. I purchased Victim of Love on vinyl, and was amazed at just how much soul oozes from Bradley’s grizzled baritone, and some of the classic 70’s percussion behind Bradley is absolutely fantastic. He plays Boston in April I believe, and a new album is on the way Tuesday. Take a listen:

The Live Adventures of Mike Bloomfield and Al Kooper


This album typifies the blues-rock style of the late 60’s. Live Adventures was recorded at the Filmore West, and the album is all the more fascinating because it includes a young, still undiscovered Carlos Santana. I like the bluesy / psychedelic version of “The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feeling Groovy),” but the highlights of the album are many, and a used copy at a record store is well worth whatever you pay for it.

Buddy Holly: “Rave On”


If you watch any of the woefully under-whelming, colossally disappointing HBO series Vinyl then you have been exposed to every 50’s tune that mattered (so many). A gentleman guest at the pub that I own commented that, “the bands in the 50’s were on to something.” Man were they ever. Buddy Holly’s death may have been the most tragic in rock and roll, and his song “Rave On,” which was featured as the song that took Vinyl’s coke ravaged protagonist, Richie, back to his memory of killing his unborn child and cool German buddy in a coke fueled car accident. By the way, if you are keeping score of the myriad conflicts in Vinyl with which Richie deals: killing a dude, crashing his car and killing his friend along with his baby, ruining his marriage, being at odds with his dad, admitting to murder on a wire tap, having a seemingly insurmountable coke issue, the mob having an anvil over his head, Buck’s friend extorting him for the murder he committed, voiding the sale of his failing record label, voiding his friendship with Zak, and there are more, then you are probably just as frustrated with the show as I am. The 6 hours of show that we have seen so far are crammed with 10 seasons worth of compelling conflicts.

Watch Sports on TV

Sweet 16 (7:00 pregame) CBS / TBS


I like Carolina over Indiana and Gonzaga over the ‘Cuse. Virginia will win their region, and Wisconsin vs, Notre Dame is a meaningless match up of over-seeded weaklings. The Final Four (Oklahoma, Nova, Carolina, and Virginia) will be the greatest example of the parity that has existed among the top 25 all year.

Shane McMahon Playlist (On Demand) WWE Network


I hate to besmirch the reputation of this high brow series of blogs, but Wrestlemania is right around the corner, and 50 something year old “Undertaker” is gearing up for his match against the owner’s son, Shane McMahon. Shane McMahon is such a compelling “wrestler” because he would not be performing if he weren’t the owner’s son, yet his lack of experience has not at all been detrimental to his popularity. He should get smoked in this match in Texas, but fans love this guy because he has the balls to take insane falls and crazy bumps. Watch the match between Shane McMahon and Kurt Angle from 2000 for an illustration of this guy’s gusto…Hopefully, (despite his gusto) Shane brings in a mercenary i.e. Goldberg, Sting, or CM Punk to fight for him at ‘mania



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