Not a Bad Made for TV Movie


Save for Travolta as the bloated, plasticized version of Bob Shapiro, and the awkward Kardashian kid scenes, this series has no way resembles the campy, over dramatized style of a TV movie. The problem is that the trial was a television event in and of itself making this mini-series, essentially, the dramatization of another television series.


The Run of His Life, The People v. OJ Simpson


The magic of The Run of His Life, The People v. OJ Simpson (and this series by extension) is that, rather than scream about verdict, Jeffrey Toobin chooses to show you all of the people and things about this trial that failed. If after watching this series, you are still surprised at the verdict then something is very wrong. Yes, having OJ try on the glove was the most popular misstep made by the prosecution, but it is also true that having OJ try the glove on ranks at like #15 on the top 20 list of missteps made by the prosecution.



“You have the balls of a stud field mouse”


F. Lee Bailey has been portrayed as nothing other than a flat lawyerly type in the show, which is the principal criticism of Bayley in the book. The “stud field mouse” line, however, is an absolute classic (in strategy and TV lines), and the man that invented criminal defense is such an encyclopedia of legal knowledge that he points out that spousal rape didn’t exist in 1988 in California (in response to a juror dismissal) to the disgust of viewers and characters alike. Marcia Clark, in response, said what we were all thinking: “Did you really just say that?”

OJ is relevant again?


The 5 part OJ doc coming to ESPN sounds like a winner because it also chooses to place less emphasis on the outrageous verdict and more emphasis on the societal influences that made OJ feel as if he could get away with murder.

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