Here are you 5 finalists:

Sheikh Salman Bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa
Gianni Infantino
Prince Ali bin al-Hussein
Jerome Champagne
Tokyo Sexwale


FIFA makes everything into a circus. First, there are allegations of vote fixing and concerns of photos being taken of ballots. Prince Ali-bin al-Hussein suggested transparent booths to make sure that people weren’t taking pics of their ballots. Ballot pics are a real threat to voter privacy because there are concerns that groups can influence the votes of the individual by asking for proof. Then we get to the names, particularly, Jerome Champagne and Tokyo Sexwale. Is this an AVN ballot or a FIFA ballot, and how is it that we don’t have those names on a presidential ballot? Would Donald Trump win the Republican nomination so handily if pitted against Mr. Sexwale…President Sexwale? Sexwale for president? “Shut Your Blohole; Vote Sexwale! Was Bernad Sensationtit eliminated in the last round of voting? It is amazing that the World Cup continues to be such an amazing and watchable event for fanatics and strident non fans alike.

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