When mom says “Did you order something off Tv?” and you have know idea what she is talking about. Your mind starts racing and you’re thinking did that link I clicked on that site that I wasn’t supposed to be on do something. Oh man. Or when you hear “I’m gonna wear your butt out” and you literally have no idea and you know your parents think you did something but you really didn’t and in a calm light with lots of time “Team Family” could get get to the bottom of it but that’s probably not going to happen because you have some package with your name on it right in front of your face…Ja’Myron was looking at getting his butt whooped on…then 180 degree turn…sike…Mom thinks she’s funny…But that last look on Ja’Myron’s face was Oh I got an iPod touch can’t wait to spend like $700 on Smurf berries or something in all my “free” games…so really time is a flat circle and this kid is gonna get whooped for buying something he shouldn’t have in the not to distant future.

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