I’m sorry but not sorry I cannot get this song out of my head. It’s a pretty warm July morning on a short week of work heading into Americas birthday weekend…cocktails flow a little easier…I know a lot of people are going to be getting Friday off too…So here we are…just gotta get through the morning and then it’s the afternoon and then it’s time to crush MARGARITAS or something a little next level before the start of 3 days off in a row! This song/video/commercial came out a week or two ago and you may have seen it but I’ve been listening to Ace of Base on 95.9 since it was 105.5 and I weighed 160lbs…So trust me this “commercial” is better than that Swedish euro crap or whatever it is… Plus Big Papi and Gronk are American heroes… This song is legit awesome… they sing, they tandem bike and there is a “cup solo” meaning you, me and Irene can play along at home…Cup solo for the win…Remember whether it’s Dunkin. Dotties, Juice and Java, Daily Grind or whichever Berkshire coffee hot spot you NEED to “CUP SOLO” because you YOLO because you FOMO…Happy Thursday!


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