I have to say I like Tanglewood. You can bring whatever you want in there, it’s affordable to buy a ticket, it’s beautiful once your inside and sometimes there are cannons which are awesome. But with that said, this is a jam right here! That guitar looks extra serious with the hub cap in the middle of the thing. This guy is on point finger picking and singing to let his hate come shining out. This is America. If you got hate in your heart let it out. So I will take this time to remember a great weekend with Huey at Tanglewood, an epic Tuesday night in the Berkshires that involved one of the most successful popular artists of the last 7 years in Lady GaGa and a summer full of barefoot, wine drinking yuppies still to come. But I’d love to rock a few Not Your Father’s Root Beer’s in a lounge chair at one of this guys next Concert by the Grill series. Keep em coming! I’m picking up what this guy is laying down. And please if you know anyone around the Berkshires who has something to share send it our way tips@wickedberkshire.com



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