Hey looks like we made it. We did one! On this podcast I have the pleasure to introduce my podcasting partner Mike Morelli, outline what exactly it is we are trying to do and delve into the world of Tanglewood and an 80’s band that still rocks the crowd and sounds great while doing it. We really hope to grow this podcasting arm with lots of local interviews. We want to talk with all the people doing their jobs well in the Berkshires. We want to get your message across, we want to hear something behind the scenes and we are hoping to somehow get The Old Forge garlic dressing recipe. Help us out. Do you have an “in” with someone promoting something awesome in the Berkshires, send us a note at tips@wickedberkshire.com. Also a really big thanks to Mike for sitting through a few practice sessions and spit balling sessions… onwards and upwards bud!

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