Do you read Buzzfeed? I’d say it is the biggest blogmonster on the planet. They have a great app. They know how to get clicks and wow the crowd. Buzzfeed has a magic machine that takes the best quizzes from Vogue, the characters from Saved By the Bell and the tech genius of a Dr. Evil and dominates the internet. They are big brother but today they had a good one

This menu is spot on. You see it time and time again. One piece of toast with a whole plate of cured meats or a cocktail that has 7 liqours I have never bought in my life mixed into it. I love a meal in which the chef cared and thought about the preparation and presentation but I do not want to be hungry afterwards. I think that’s why Mazzeo’s is always packed, they are not the cheapest at anything but they always give you a real portion so at least at the end of your meal you are full and probably have something for lunch tomorrow

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